Soule's Research Group

Seafloor Geophysics

I am currently exploring the many ways we can leverage geophysical data streaming from the OOI to understand the various ways that processes that a colocated in space and time are related to one another.
Link to our OOI Cloud site here

Marine Seismic Exploration

I am interested in the structure of the seafloor, and the various ways that volcanism affects that structure. I am currently using multichannel seismic, tomography, passive source seismic, and potential field measurements to explore the structure of the Bransfield Strait and describe the rifting associated with the formation of the back-arc basin.

Geoscience Education

I am interested in how students learn and how data can be used as a teaching tool in classrooms. Project Eddie is a suite of educational products created through a collaboration between STEM disciplinary and educational resources. Statistical Vignettes are 15-20 minute lessons on statistical topics intended to help students address statistical misconceptions and improve their quantitative reasoning skills.

Let's Connect

Interested in learning more about my projects? Feel free to contact me or check out my Github Repository!