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    Geology 101: Physical Geology
    This class is designed for both Majors and Non-Majors. Because Geology 101 serves as the gateway to the Geology major, this class is focused on preparing you to take Geology 102 and the rest of the geology curriculum.

    QC Bulletin Geology 101

    Physical Geology Syllabus

    The goals of Geology 101 are to provide students with:
    1. An understanding and appreciation of physical geology.
    2. The knowledge necessary to describe the processes that have shaped the earth's landforms including mountains, canyons, glacial regions, rivers, and beaches.
    3. An understanding of hazardous geologic processes, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, will be viewed with greater understanding.
    4. An increased awareness of our planet and the dependence of man on finite geologic resources.
    5. The knowledge necessary to appreciate that the history of the earth, both its physical history and biological history, is recorded in the minerals, rocks, and landforms that compose the earth.
    6. The opportunity to have and recognize "geek moments", when they realize they understand some aspect of geology in the world around them that they wouldn't have understood before this class.

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    GEOL 16: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Moving Continents
    This course is an introduction to plate tectonics, global patterns of seismicity and volcanism and the and the amazing processes that shape the seafloor. Over 60% of all volcanism occurs beneath of ocean surface and results in some of the most fascinating and extreme environments on our planet, where underwater hot springs support communities of novel life forms that thrive in the absence of sunlight and oxygen

    QC Bulletin GEOL 16

    Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Moving ContinentsSyllabus

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