My Publications

  • Bemis, K., D. Soule, M. Zhao and J. Sacker (2022). Systematic Shift in Plume Bending Direction at Grotto Vent, Main Endeavour Field, Juan de Fuca Implies Change in Venting Output along the Endeavour Segment. Frontiers in Marine Science
  • Rudzin, J. E., Soule, D., Whitaker, J., Berger, H., Clayton, S., & Fogaren, K. (2022). Catalyzing remote collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: early career oceanographers adopt hybrid open science framework. Frontiers in Marine Science, 410.
  • Almendros, J., Wilcock, W., Soule, D., Teixidó, T., Vizcaíno, L., Ardanaz, O., ... & Schmahl, L. (2020). BRAVOSEIS: Geophysical investigation of rifting and volcanism in the Bransfield strait, Antarctica. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 104, 102834.
  • Levine, R. M., Fogaren, K. E., Rudzin, J. E., Russoniello, C. J., Soule, D. C., & Whitaker, J. M. (2020). Open Data, Collaborative Working Platforms, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Building an Early Career Scientist Community of Practice to Leverage Ocean Observatories Initiative Data to Address Critical Questions in Marine Science. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 1011.
  • Soule, D. 2020. Project EDDIE: Using real data in science classrooms. Oceanography 33(2),
  • Greengrove, C., Lichtenwalner, C.S., Palevsky, H.I., Pfeiffer-Herbert, A., Severmann, S., Soule, D., Murphy, S., Smith, L.M. and Yarincik, K., 2020. USING AUTHENTIC DATA FROM NSF’S OCEAN OBSERVATORIES INITIATIVE IN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING. Oceanography, 33(1), pp.62-73.
  • Soule, D., Darner Gougis, R., O’Reilly, C. M., Bader, N. E., Meixner, T., Gibson, C. A., McDuff, R. E. (2018), EDDIE modules are effective learning tools for developing quantitative literacy and seismological understanding, J. Geo. Ed., 1-12.
  • O’Reilly, C.M., R. Darner Gougis, J.L. Klug, C.C. Carey, D.C. Richardson, N.E. Bader, D. Soule, D. Castendyk, T. Meixner, J.F. Stomberg, K.C. Weathers, and W. Hunter (2017), Using large datasets for open-ended inquiry in undergraduate classrooms. Bioscience, 12 (2017): 1052-1061.
  • Soule, D., W. S. D. Wilcock, D. R. Toomey, E. E. E. Hooft, and R. T. Weekly (2016), Near-axis crustal structure and thickness of the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge, Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, doi:10.1002/2016GL068182
  • Bader, N. E., Soule, D., Castendyk, D., Meixner, T., O'Reilly, C., & Gougis, R. D. (2016). Students, meet data. Eos, 97(8), 14-19.
  • Soule, D. C. and W. S. D. Wilcock (2013), “Fin whale tracks recorded by a seismic network on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, Northeast Pacific Ocean”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., doi:10.1121/1.4774275
  • Weirathmueller, M. J., W. S. D. Wilcock and D. C. Soule (2012), “Source levels of fin whale 20 Hz pulses measured in the Northeast Pacific Ocean”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., doi:10.1121/1.4773277​
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