I am a field-oriented geophysicist with a broad educational background in solid earth geophysics, oceanography, cloud computing and STEM education. My research has explored off-axis crustal thickness variations and lower crustal velocities using Moho reflections, the results of which have naturally led to questions about variations in the reflective characteristics of the Moho, the nature of the interface beneath the rise axis, and the material properties of the lower crust.

My Journey:


University of Washington, Seattle, WAPh. D., Oceanography, expected Grad: Spring 2016 Dissertation Title: Multi-disciplinary Applications of Oceanographic Geophysical Data Collection
University of Washington, Seattle, WAMasterof Science, Oceanography, Grad: May 2012 Thesis Title: Fin Whale tracks recorded by a seismic network on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, Northeast Pacific Ocean
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Bachelor of Science, Geophysics, Grad: May 2008


The following are three of my most recent expeditions that I and my lab were significantly involved with:
Etomo: Aug. 22 - Sept. 19, 2009, Washington,USA BRAVOSEIS: January 2019, Bransfield Strait Antarctica BRAVOSEIS: February 2020, Bransfield Strait Antarctica


As a teacher, I am committed to the core tenants of communication, student-centered learning, and positivity. I strive to create a supportive environment that fosters student confidence and achievement by communicating the learning objectives for each lesson, frequently evaluating mastery of these objectives and misconceptions, and developing the students’ understanding of how the tasks will help them accomplish their goals. I feel that this gives them ownership of the process. I have made a habit of stating key points in multiple ways, recognizing that students have different learning styles, and embracing my job to work with them to discover how they can best achieve the learning objectives. I position myself as a facilitator rather than the gate-keeper of knowledge.


I currently have an NSF funded project titled “The Tectonic and Magmatic Structure and Dynamics of Back-arc Rifting in Bransfield Strait (Antarctica) - An International Seismic Experiment” in which I am exploring the the Bransfield Strait using active and passive source seismology, gravity and magnetics.
I am also currently developing machine learning applications to better understand how hydrological and microbial processes are linked to magmatic and tectonic processes in at Axial Seamount. Projects include plans to (1) extend our examination of the effect of temperature, pressure, seismicity and diffuse fluid flow on flocculation events at Axial Seamount and (2) study the relationship between post- 2015 eruption deformation and seismicity rates since the 2015 eruption at Axial Seamount using OOI data.

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